Trans Rift Trail

The Trans Rift Trails will connect a network of footpaths that cut across the most scenic part of Rift Valley landscapes to the general public who can walk long distances through the valleys, over the waterfalls, and venturing deeper into less-explored natural areas.

Also known as ‘The Old African Highways’ the initiative is set to open up villages while also reviving the art of walking.

Through United Nations Development’s (UNDP) Small Grants Programme, the project has been granted funds to develop the age-old natural trails as well as promote active adventure tourism while supporting environmental conservation and boosting tourism in rural neighborhoods.

The trans-rift trails in the North Rift will start from Chororget at Elgeiyo escarpment down to Sego and Kapkelelwe in Kerio Valley, Sacho, Tugen Hills through to Radad, Majimoto, Nyalilpuch near Lake Bogoria and ends at Mochongoi near Laikipia Plateau.

Along the trails are various packages including forest walks, trail running, biking mapped in Elgeiyo Marakwet, and bush camping.

Visitors will also be treated to bird-watching activities, paragliding along Elgeiyo- Marakwet and West Pokot, canoeing in potential lakes, fishing in Lake Baringo, fossil hunting, star-gazing at Tumbili cliff lodge, Suguta Valley, and Lakes Turkana and Logipi.

With the tourism package along the trans-rift trails, Kimosop said the networks will enable Kenya to be enrolled as part of the World’s Trail network, an international representative body of the world’s leading trails and trail destinations.




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