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“The view was certainly the most beautiful I had seen in Africa”


Trans Rift Trail Guides

Stemming out of an ancestry of long distance walkers, the Trans Rift Trail guides are drawn from the main transect route. This means that they have a traditional understanding of the environment, culture and traditions, the necessary ingredients of a true an authentic experience to the visitors.

They possess diverse set skills such as; bird watching, tracking, plants life and the general understanding of the community lifestyle. In a unique style, reminiscent of the original explorer practice, they do “the next village handover” of the clients with the knowled



The prospect of active tourism and emerging diversification trend is clearly outlined in the region for the proposed geo trail. The development of the Great Rift Valley Geo Park initiative by NOREB, Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA) and UNESCO Kenya brings the trail to the geographical location of the Geo Park. This is a key boost the trail as it is the first Geo-Trail of its kind in Africa.

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Hiking the trans rift trail

Photography team hiked the Trans Rift Trails to capture the spectacular scenery found along the Trail […]

A Traditional animal enclosure 'boma'

Domestic animals are heard into the enclosure to protect them from predators which normaly attack at night. […]